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We at Cashwalle.com are committed to protecting the financial and personal information submitted by all our applicants. It is our constant endeavor to protect this information from any unauthorized usage. Our privacy policy is applicable to all our current as well as our former customers applying for loans through our digital platform. By visiting and using our website, you agree to this privacy policy and its terms.

While registering for the loan, CashWalle collects your personal information like your name, state, residential address, date of birth, email address and gender. This information may be collected while:

  • Availing different loans and finances through the website
  • Interacting with CashWalle authorized representatives with respect to your loan or finances.
  • While registering on the website
  • At the time of acceptance or application through any of our aforementioned sources for availing the services or products of Cashwalle.com

Information Collection

CashWalle will not sell or rent your private information collected while registration to any third party. This however, excludes trusted third parties that help us in website operations, business services and other services who agree to keep your information confidential.There shall be no revelation of your identity to the general public as all the transactions are done in a private setting. This policy is followed until and unless you default your payments or the availed mortgage.

Data Usage

During the usage of the website, cookies are stored on the computer containing your user information. These cookies are used by us to help us serve you better. However, if you wish to terminate the session ID cookies, you need to just log out of your account or close the browser. This will permanently erase them. However, there are persistent cookies that get stored on the hard drive of your computer in the form of a small text file. These are used for saving the server processing and load times. They do not contain personal data. If you insist on deleting these cookies that are used on the website, there may be some portion of the site that may not work properly.

Information security

In order to protect the information collcted by you, we employ the best technical and organizational security measures there are in the industry. There are several measures that have been employed by the firm on multiple procedural, physical and electronic levels to protect your data from any unauthorized usage. These measures ensure that your data remains secure against any unlawful usage or alteration as well as there is no accidental loss, destruction or damage to the information. However, like all other technologies, this too is not hundred percent guaranteed secure. Though there is complete security on our part, the responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality and security of the account and password also depends on the customers themselves.

Usage and collection of your personal information is done in a limited and anonymous way. Such information or data is aggregated in a non identifiable manner so as to maintain your individual identity confidential. Any access to personal identifiable information is strictly restricted to be used only for specific internal procedures that help us in operation, development and improvement of our services. There are certain third party service providers involved in this process that help us in this endeavor. They too are required to maintain the information confidentiality provided to them under all circumstances.


Due to constant legislative changes and enhancements regarding the functionality and website content, there may be some changes done to the privacy policy. These changes shall be incorporated in this privacy policy too. You are therefore requested to go through our privacy policy regularly to remain updated regarding these changes.


There may be certain other websites that you may access through our website. Access to these websites have not been covered under this privacy policy. We recommend that you read their individual privacy policies to understand the steps taken by them to protect the customer data. The exclusions of this privacy policy, however, shall not restrict us in any way from publishing the business reports or behavioral pattern sector reports of the customers. Your decision or announcement that one or perhaps even more in the paragraphs will be null and void shall possess simply no impact around the stating sentences of this personal privacy plan