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Cashwalle site has been created to help you in making better borrowing decisions. Some of the information presented on the website has been collected from public sources. Cashwalle shall not be in any manner whatsoever be considered to be responsible for any reliance regarding the same. The content present on this website has been provided for general information and due caution should be exercised before entering any financial obligation or business decision based upon the same.

Features of emergency Loans

Some features of Cashwalle emergency loans that make them unique can be enlisted as follows:

  • Get a loan of Rs 10,000 to Rs 1,00,000.
  • Money is transferred into your bank account within a short time of requesting the same on the Cashwalle portal
  • Flexible loans
  • No hidden costs
  • Minimal documentation is required
  • Daily calculation of interest rates
  • In order to pay the loan, you can just log into your account and pay the same.
  • No pre- closure charges on the loans
  • Interest rates and fees on the loans can vary as per the repayment date.

Benefits of Emergency loans

Getting emergency loans from Cashwalle in the time of need can be a lifesaver. Other benefits of applying for loans through Cashwalle platform are:

  • Online registration
  • A hassle free and protected application process
  • No excessive paperwork
  • There are no hidden costs
  • No pre closure charges
  • You need to pay only the amount that you have used.
  • Easy approval that is done within minutes
  • Instant transfer of the loan amount into the bank account
  • An efficient customer service

Why Cashwalle?

  • A Transparent process
  • Innovative and customized loan products
  • An established name
  • A safe and secure online process for loan registration

Cashwalle is a Fintech organization and a brand entity of Regency Shares and Holdings Pvt Ltd.